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Legal case management software you can learn in ten minutes! Ten minutes to get rid of time wasting tasks. Ten minutes to organize leads and cases. Ten minutes to automante client communication. Ten minutes to change your practice forever!


What is Case Tempo

Case Tempo is powerful matter management software with lead generation built right in. We focus on solo to medium sized practices. We aim to be simple and take no time to learn because we know you are busy. We are built on the simple formula “lead generation + organization + automation = growth”.

Generate Leads

Embed intake forms on lead generation websites • Understand lead sources • Customizable lead conversion funnel

Organize Matters

Easy to find cases • Easy to figure out a matter history • Know what to do next at a glance

Save Time

Template based e-mail, sms, faxes and documents • E-signing • Payment and collection automation

Alternative to Clio, MyCase and Practice Panther.

We found all the Clios of the world quite cumbersome and what we like to call feature fat. It makes them unnecesarily complex and harder to use.

Personal Touch

Whenever you start using a new software - or learning anything new for that matter - you have to put some time into it. We are with you every step of the way, just a text away with helping to resolve your issue to make sure its pain free. We don't have thousands of customers like our competition, so we can focus individually on each and every one of you.

Straightforward Design

Our competitors talk about being simple to use, but just few seconds of use makes you believe otherwise. Too many screens, too many clicks. We have 2 main screens - database of your cases and case details. You would be surprised how much more you can accomplish that way.

Less Features

We choose features we implement just as carefully as we choose features we won't implement. This allows us to achieve true ease of use and simplicity.

Simple embedable lead generation forms

Place lead generation forms easily anywhere. Facebook, google search, websites, SMS, email - all so easy.

Organize all your matters

Organize all your matters, know what you need to do each morning simply and easily.

Amazing document automation and e-sign

Use Microsoft Word to manage your document templates. Never have to type the same thing over and over again. PLUS - send documents for viewing or signing over SMS, email or fax at the push of a button!

Automated payments

Take payments at the push of a button via email or SMS!! Automate the whole process even further with text and email templating.

Track and improve with built in reporting

We make it simple for you to see which lead sources are doing the best, which clients paid, and how you can improve.


Case Tempo intelligently packs a ton of features while keeping the overall design super simple. Get started understanding all our features using these simple tutorials.

Embed a lead generation form

Place a lead generation forms on a website.

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Automated payments

Take a payments via email and text.

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Integrated with all your favorite apps.

Case Tempo integrates with many apps you already use and are familiar with.

Google Email Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook Email Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Zapier LawPay PayPal

Case Tempo saves us time with document preparation and keeps us organized. It is efficient when it comes to having a better communication with our clients, which in turn makes it convenient for the client to sign up with the firm. Our firm and our clients are very happy. The system is very easy to use, only wish we had this program sooner!

Nataly Vega

We could never have grown so much without Case Tempo.

Antonio Garguile

Simple pricing $49 / month. Cancel anytime.

Case Tempo

Founded 2016 in Seattle WA. Offices in Chicago, IL and New York, NY


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